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What is Automatic Production Line? Advantages of Automatic Production Line

From:Zhaoqing second machine tool works Co., Ltd.     Release time:2019-08-12

Overview:An automated production line is a form of production organization that implements a product process from an automated machine system. It is based on the further development of continuous pipelines.

What is Automatic Production Line? Advantages of Automatic Production Line

An automated production line is a form of production organization that implements a product process from an automated machine system. It is based on the further development of continuous pipelines. Its characteristics are: the processing object is automatically transferred from one machine tool to another, and the machine tool automatically processes, loads, inspects, etc.; the task of the worker is only to adjust, supervise and manage the automatic line, not to participate in direct operation; all The machines are operated in a uniform cycle and the production process is highly continuous.


Products produced using automatic lines should have sufficient output; product design and processes should be advanced, stable, and reliable, and remain essentially unchanged over a longer period of time. The use of automatic lines in large batches and mass production can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production floor space, reduce production costs, shorten production cycle, ensure production balance, and have significant economic benefits.

The process of automatic operation or automatic control of an automatic production line in the absence of intervention, in accordance with prescribed procedures or instructions, with the goal of “stable, accurate and fast”. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical, services and home. The use of automated production lines not only frees people from heavy manual labor, part of mental work, and harsh and dangerous work environments, but also expands human organ function, greatly enhances labor productivity, and enhances human ability to understand the world and transform the world. .

Application range

The mechanical manufacturing industry has automatic lines such as casting, forging, stamping, heat treatment, welding, cutting and mechanical assembly, as well as integrated automatic lines including processes of different nature, such as blank manufacturing, processing, assembly, inspection and packaging.

The automatic cutting line is the fastest growing and most widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. Mainly: automatic machine tool line for machining parts, shells, miscellaneous parts, etc.; automatic line composed of general-purpose, specialized or special automatic machine tools for processing parts such as shafts and coils; Automatic line; rotor automatic line for simple and small parts in machining process.

1. Determine the beat time first: no matter what kind of product, it is made in the right time that it must be completed.

2. Unit process: The handling, assembly, processing and material collection of unit parts are only for one product.

3. Pilot: A device that creates a tact time by visual inspection.

4.U-shaped production line: The equipment is arranged counterclockwise according to the engineering order, and one person is responsible for the exit and entrance.

5.AB control: Only when there is no product in the post-engineering project, and the former project has a product, the project is carried out.

6. Light: A device that communicates product irregularities in the production line process.

7. After the project is received: the products of the production line should meet the needs of the post-project.


The automatic production line saves a lot of time and cost. In industrially developed cities, the maintenance of automatic production lines has become a hot spot. Automatic line maintenance is mainly done by operators and maintenance workers.

Two major methods of automatic production line maintenance:

1, synchronous repair method: in the production, if the fault is found to be repaired as much as possible, take the maintenance method. The production line will continue to be produced until the holidays, and the maintenance workers and operators will be concentrated, and all problems will be repaired at the same time. The equipment was normally produced on Monday.

2, Divisional Repair Method: If there is a big problem with the automatic production line, the repair time is longer. Synchronous repair methods cannot be used. At this time, the use of holidays, centralized maintenance workers, operators, repair a certain part. Wait until the next holiday and repair another part. Ensure that the automatic production line does not stop production during working hours. In addition, try to use the pre-repair method in management. Install a timer in the equipment, record the working time of the equipment, apply the wear law, predict the wear of the wearing parts, replace the wearing parts in advance, and pre-exclude the fault. Ensure that the production line is fully loaded.

Maintenance of automatic production line:

1, the circuit, gas circuit, oil circuit and mechanical transmission parts (such as guide rails) should be inspected and cleaned before the shift;

2, the work process should be patrolled, the key parts should be sampled, and the abnormal samples should be recorded, the small problems should be handled before and after the shift (the time is not long), and the big problems should be prepared for the accessories;

3, unified shutdown maintenance, complete the wearing parts plan, replace the wearing parts in advance, prevent problems before they occur.

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