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What is the Ultrasonic Cleaning Line? How it works and its features

From:Zhaoqing second machine tool works Co., Ltd.     Release time:2019-08-12

Overview:The ultrasonic cleaning line is an in-line cleaning method for parts and components of various machines.

What is the Ultrasonic Cleaning Line? How it works and its features

The ultrasonic cleaning line is an in-line cleaning method for parts and components of various machines.


Ultrasonic cleaning lines can be divided into:

Fully automatic silicon cleaning line, automatic table cleaning line, precision filter cleaning line, ultrasonic hanging cleaning and drying line, full-motion mesh belt ultrasonic cleaning line, double chain ultrasonic cleaning line, swimming immersion precision hardware Ultrasonic cleaning line, automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, mold, valve body ultrasonic cleaning line, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Line


1. The station is cleaned, the cleaning time is consistent, and the cleaning is even.

2. PLC automatic control, can change the cleaning parameters according to the actual situation.

3. Independent circulation filtration system, each cleaning process has a separate liquid storage tank, which makes the filtration more thorough and convenient to replace the filter element.

4. Automatic thermostat control and automatic alarm system handle any possible problems during the cleaning process.

5. It can be equipped with circulating hot air drying equipment.

Application range

Widely used in electronic parts; electroplated parts, precision hardware, straps, case, glasses frames, lenses, jewelry, semiconductor wafers, spinnerets, filters, glassware, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning line for strong cleaning of parts

Mechanical parts are generally cleaned after prolonged use, so that the original use can be maintained after the use, but some parts are too large or too small. If using manual cleaning, it will be very cumbersome, so there will be Now the use of ultrasonic cleaning lines, the parts can be placed in the ultrasonic cleaning line equipment to be strongly cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning lines can be used to clean stubborn stains, which has great advantages for the industrial and production industries. Effective cleaning results bring better efficiency to the production industry. The main performance of the ultrasonic cleaning line for the production industry is the ability to effectively remove debris such as dust, metal ss, polishes, lubricants, coolants, etc., which are wrapped in metal processing and mechanical plant operations, but need to be removed first. Part of the plating line or further processing steps, by working the ultrasonic cleaning line, the machining shop does not need to soak for several hours, the potential danger of washing the solvent with these parts.

In the cleaning, the sink contains a biodegradable anti-ultrasonic cleaning solution rust inhibitor, thoroughly cleans the stamping, casting and machining parts, the cleaning action is performed by the unit's ultrasonic generator, which is attached to the bottom of the cleaning tank. Ultrasonic sensor. When the sensor on the unit puts hundreds of thousands of tiny bubbles in the cleaning solution. When these were shattered, they were cleaned at the contact site, including tiny cracks and blind holes that could not be manually scrubbed.

This force, the so-called cavitation, is quickly carried away without damaging some of the contaminants produced. The surface of the oily solution can be degreased for take-off and treatment of contaminants in an appropriate manner. These two steps help to extend the life of the ultrasonic cleaning solution. When it comes time to replace the solution, it can be safely disposed of in a sanitary sewer.

The use of ultrasonic cleaning line equipment for parts cleaning will also be relatively complete, which is now impossible to achieve by manual cleaning, and the efficiency and time cleaning are satisfactory.

Ultrasonic cleaning line cleaning principle

Ultrasonic cleaning uses the principle of high pressure blasting to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning lines can be applied to the cleaning of electroplated parts and precision hardware. How much do you know about its detailed working principle? Let's take a look at it:

Ultrasonic energy generated by the ultrasonic generator higher than 20KHZ is converted into mechanical vibration of the same frequency by the transducer and transmitted into the cleaning fluid. The ultrasonic waves are forwardly and forwardly transmitted, resulting in numerous tiny bubbles, which are in the ultrasonic wave. The longitudinally propagated negative pressure zone forms and grows, and rapidly ruptures in the positive pressure zone. The formation, growth, and rapid rupture of such tiny bubbles are called "cavitation effects." When a certain intensity of ultrasonic wave is transmitted into the liquid medium, the surface of the object to be cleaned repeatedly undergoes a cavitation effect due to pressurization and decompression, and a small cavity appears in the liquid. When the sound wave reaches a certain intensity, the cavity will explode violently, resulting in a strong Collision, pressure up to 5-50 tons / cm2, with a large amount of energy, so that the water hits the surface of the object being cleaned with an acceleration of more than 10000G, and the dirt is hit, thereby achieving a remarkable cleaning effect, and this effect It can reach all the surfaces of the object to be cleaned with the liquid, which cannot be achieved by conventional means such as manual washing and mechanical vibration. Since the cavitation effect and the thermal effect are generated when the cavitation effect is formed, the bacteria, especially the chain bacteria, can be struck to achieve the sterilization and disinfection effect.

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